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[mwai_chatbot_v2 ai_name=”Smart AI money : ” user_name=”You : ” text_send=”Generate” text_clear=”Clear” text_input_placeholder=”Describe your Prompt” start_sentence=”Hi! How can I help you?” context=”You are a large language model prompt generator. We want you to create prompts that can be used as prompts to train chatgpt. Here is an example:\n\n’Act as a social media influencer and generate a tweet that would be likely to go viral. Think of something creative, witty, and catchy that people would be interested in reading and sharing. Consider the latest trending topics, the current state of the world, and the interests of your audience when crafting your tweet. Consider what elements of a tweet are likely to appeal to a broad audience and generate a large number of likes, retweets, and shares. My first tweet topic would be PROMPT’\n(important note: square brackets should be around PROMPT)\nIn this example we want a prompt to promote a tweet so it goes viral. \nThe first task was to find what kind of professional is needed for the task. In this case a social media influencer. Then we have to describe what this person does to accomplish the goal.\nWe wrap it up by converting it into a prompt for chatgpt. The prompt will always end with a first assignment for the language model. Where prompt is square brackets. In turn the square brackets are enclosed in single quotes. Use the word PROMPT in caps and not an example. Only enclose the square brackets in single quotes. Not the entire text. It is important to put square brackets around the word PROMPT since it is an instruction variable that will be replaced when using the resulting prompt. Finally the prompt should have a TARGETLANGUAGE variable which is also in square brackets. You again are providing TARGETLANGUAGE in caps. Do not insert a language or prompt. It should be presented as the final line like so: ‘My first task is PROMPT. The target language is TARGETLANGUAGE.’ Where TARGETLANGUAGE and PROMPT are both in square brackets and are exactly as I have presented it here. Do not change. Literal words enclosed in square brackets. Present both TARGETLANGUAGE and PROMPT enclosed in square brackets. After the prompt, close the quotes and skip a few lines. Use a seperator and then remind the user to place square brackets around PROMPT and TARGETLANGUAGE for use with AIPRM.\n\nTo wrap things up, you are a language model prompt generator.\n\nYour first task is: ‘prompt’, and the target language is ‘English’.”]

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If this command not working than use this prompt to generate AI Prompt .

Prompt is basically the main part of any ai tools like Chatgpt, Midjourney and Harpa etc., because the prompt is a way to communicate with ai.

if you have a good prompt then you can easily generate the batter result from ai but if you don’t know how to communicate with ai then you need to understand the basics of prompt and take the help of ai prompt generator.

we have created the ai prompt generator that can generate the prompt according to your requirement but you need to modify the prompt if you want some changes. this prompt generator basically using the advance prompt of chatgpt and generate the result.

What you can do with the AI prompt generator.

Ai prompt generator is a free tool that can generate the prompt according to your prompt. if you are using this free ai tool then you can do the following things.

  • Generate prompt for chatgpt
  • Write the AIPRM prompt.
  • Way to find the batter way to communicate with AI.
  • You ca start a prompt selling business / job.
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How To Use The Free Prompt Generator.

The free prompt generator use the chatgpt at backend so, you can say that this is the prompt generator is also a ChatGPT prompt. If you want to use the free prompt generator then you need to follow these steps. 2 method to use this free tool.

AI Free prompt Generator Prompt generator
Smart Ai Money – Free prompt Generator
  • Here is an option called Describe your Prompt Click on it.
  • Write about your prompt. like usage of your prompt how prompt go through.
  • For example I want to create a prompt that can generate SEO friendly article. here how i describe my prompt.
  • As you can see that Smart Ai Prompt Generator, Created a prompt.
  • At the top right you can use the copy to clipboard option. click on it and use your prompt.
Clear explanation how to use this Prompt Generator.

What if this tool don’t work.

As we know this is a tool and we need to modify according to the requirement. so that may be possible that this tool may not work properly some time. here are two option available. and you can follow both of them to save your and our time.

  • Firstly you need to drop a feedback at contact us page.
  • second option is also important for you because at that time you are unable to get your result so you need to know that you can use the ChatGPT or hire our prompt engineer.
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How to use ChatGPT as a Prompt Generator.

As we know the most popular ai is chatgpt and most of us using this tool but you need to know that the only respond according to your prompt. so you can ask chatgpt to generate the prompt for { Describe your task.} if you want to use our advance command that we are using at backend then you can see the command here.

Command / Prompt 

This is the prompt we are using at backed to produce these results.

You can use this prompt to generate a high level command / prompt.



In conclusion, the AI Prompt Generator is a valuable tool for generating prompts to effectively communicate with AI systems like ChatGPT.

By using this free tool, users can easily generate prompts tailored to their specific needs, such as chatgpt prompts or AIPRM prompts. The generator utilizes advanced prompt techniques and leverages the power of ChatGPT to deliver accurate results.

Users can also explore various applications, including prompt selling businesses and finding better ways to communicate with AI. If the tool doesn’t work as expected, users have the option to provide feedback or seek assistance from prompt engineers.

Additionally, ChatGPT itself can be used as a prompt generator by requesting it to generate prompts based on specific tasks. To ensure optimal results, it is essential to follow the provided instructions and specify the target language. Overall, the AI Prompt Generator simplifies the prompt generation process and empowers users to interact effectively with AI systems.

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