Online Free Niche Generator | Free Niche Idea Generator 2023

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Free online Niche Idea Generator

you can use this tool as Niche Idea Generator and that can help you to find out the best niche of your field so you can easily rank you site. although you can use it as a keyword suggestion tool and start your online journey. this tool will help you to find out these things.

  • Niche 
  • Sub – Niche
  • Micro Niche
  • Niche Category.
  • etc…

What is Niche 

Niche is also know as category. if you want to start any online business or any online website, YouTube channel then you must have a Niche. Niche refers to a specialized or specific area, role, or market segment that suits a particular individual, product, or business. That means if you want to start any online online business then the category you choose is called niche.

In online field Specially – YouTube and Blogging the niche is a broad category so if you want to grow your online presence then you must be start from Sub-Niche or micro niche. 

What is sub-Niche and Micro Niche

micro niche is a subcategory of a particular segment. micro niche is only a part of a category like personal finance is a category of Finance niche and personal finance for youngster is a micro niche. I think you can easily understand with example. so basically micro niche is a part of a category.

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How to find the best niche using free Niche Generator.

Niche research is the most important part to start any kind of business. you can manually research the niche according to your business idea. but if you use the AI to research niche and micro niche then it will give you the best possible idea. there are a lot of niche research tool available on the internet but lot of them are paid and don’t even give the best idea. so you can use Smart AI money tools to research the best Micro niche or sub category to start your online or offline business.

Follow these steps to get the best result

  • Click On niche Generator.
  • Then insert your keyword
  • Click on send.
  • The list of keyword for the related category will be generated by the smart ai tool.

You can also check this video for the further instructions.

How Niche generator tool works

This is a basic tools that work on API from ChatGPT. we use the API key on backend and our custom command will generate the data according to your requirement. when you insert any query or any kind or keyword our backend system call the ChatGPT API and according to our custom Prompt and then result will displayed in from of you.

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If the Online Free Niche Generator Not Work

If the Online Free Niche Generator | Free Niche Idea Generator 2023 Not Work then use the following prompt. 

Visit to the official site of Chatgpt And setup the Chatgpt Account.

After that you need to complete the AIPRM setup to use that prompt.

Now Copy the prompt and paste into the Chatgpt terminal.

Don’t forget to Replace the category word to your category.

Category-related needs refers to the specific needs associated with a particular category of products or services. These needs can vary from person to person and depend on various factors such as age, gender, income, and cultural background. You are a market research expert with a lot of knowledge in [Category] . Give me a list of very different underlying category-related needs for [Category]. Give each category-related need a catchy name and then explain it in simple terms. Don't explain why and what you are doing. The Category Must be in the table format and each category must have their own different subcategory. Write in English.


  • What is a niche?
  • A niche refers to a specialized or specific area, role, or market segment that suits a particular individual, product, or business. In the online field, especially for YouTube and blogging, a niche is a broad category that you choose for your online presence.
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  • What is a sub-niche and micro niche?
  • A sub-niche is a more specific subcategory within a broader niche. It focuses on a particular segment or subset of the main category. For example, “personal finance for youngsters” can be considered a micro niche within the broader category of finance.

  • How can I find the best niche using the free niche generator?
  • To find the best niche using the niche generator, follow these steps:
    • Visit Smart Ai Money.
    • Hover over the Tools section.
    • Click on Niche Generator.
    • Insert your keyword or topic.
    • Click “Send.”
    • The tool will generate a list of keywords related to your chosen category or niche.

  • How does this tool work?
  • The niche generator tool utilizes the API from ChatGPT. When you insert a query or keyword, the backend system calls the ChatGPT API with a custom prompt to generate the relevant data. The results are then displayed to you based on your input.

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