YouTube Facts Short Generator PROMPT LIST 2024

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YouTube Short Generator PROMPT LIST 2024. if you want to create YouTube shorts and make money online using AI, then follow the prompts mentioned in this post.

The list of categories that can help you to create shorts as are follows.

Humans are naturally curious beings, and the types of facts that garner the most attention often revolve around:

  1. Interesting Science and Technology: Breakthroughs, innovations, and mind-bending scientific discoveries capture attention.
  2. Health and Wellness Tips: Information about staying healthy, fitness hacks and well-being strategies are popular.
  3. Historical Mysteries and Unknown Facts: People are intrigued by untold stories, historical mysteries, and lesser-known historical facts.
  4. Space and Universe Discoveries: Fascination with the cosmos, space exploration, and celestial events like eclipses or meteor showers.
  5. Nature and Wildlife: Unusual animal behaviors, rare species, and the wonders of nature are captivating.
  6. Inspirational Stories: Uplifting and motivational stories that resonate with human emotions and values.
  7. Human Psychology and Behavior: Insights into the human mind, behavior patterns, and psychological phenomena.
  8. Technology Trends and Gadgets: Updates on the latest tech trends, gadgets, and their impact on daily life.
  9. Pop Culture Trivia: Fun and interesting facts about celebrities, movies, music, and entertainment.
  10. Travel and Adventure: Unique travel destinations, cultural experiences, and adventurous activities around the world.
  11. Food and Cooking Tips: Unusual recipes, food facts, and cooking hacks are often popular.
  12. Life Hacks and Productivity Tips: Efficient ways to navigate daily tasks and improve productivity.
  13. Unsolved Mysteries and Paranormal Phenomena: The allure of the unknown, including unsolved mysteries and paranormal occurrences.
  14. Financial and Money Matters: Tips on budgeting, investing, and financial success.
  15. Fun Facts and Trivia: Entertaining, lighthearted facts that spark curiosity and amusement.
  16. Futuristic Technology and Innovations: Insights into cutting-edge technologies, futuristic concepts, and advancements in various fields.
  17. Mind-Blowing Statistics and Records: People are often fascinated by impressive records, whether in sports, entertainment, or other domains.
  18. Cultural Traditions and Customs: Exploring unique cultural practices, traditions, and customs from different parts of the world.
  19. Psychological Life Hacks: Tips on understanding and improving one’s mental well-being, managing stress, and enhancing resilience.
  20. Survival Tips and Techniques: Information on survival skills, emergency preparedness, and real-life survival stories.
  21. Bizarre and Odd Phenomena: Strange occurrences, anomalies, and peculiar natural phenomena that defy explanation.
  22. DIY Projects and Crafts: Creative do-it-yourself projects, craft ideas, and hands-on activities.
  23. Human Achievements and Milestones: Celebrating significant accomplishments, milestones, and achievements in various fields.
  24. Environmental Conservation and Sustainability: Facts about environmental issues, conservation efforts, and sustainable practices.
  25. Educational Insights: Quick and intriguing educational snippets that expand knowledge on diverse subjects.
  26. Biographies and Life Stories: Inspirational stories about notable individuals, their life journeys, and the lessons learned.
  27. Unusual Traditions and Festivals: Exploring unique festivals, celebrations, and traditions from around the globe.
  28. Medical Breakthroughs and Health Innovations: Advances in medical science, breakthrough treatments, and innovations in healthcare.
  29. Fashion and Style Trends: Trends in fashion, style, and the evolution of clothing throughout history.
  30. Language and Linguistics: Interesting linguistic facts, etymology, and unique aspects of different languages.
  31. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: The latest developments in VR and AR technologies and their applications.
  32. Global Connectivity and Social Impact: Insights into the interconnected world, global issues, and social impact movements.
  33. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Understanding the world of digital currencies, blockchain technology, and their implications.
  34. Mind-Expanding Optical Illusions: Fun and intriguing optical illusions that challenge perception and stimulate the mind.
  35. Upcoming Trends and Predictions: Anticipating future trends in various domains, from technology to lifestyle.
  36. These diverse topics cater to a broad range of interests, ensuring that there’s something for everyone in the realm of interesting facts.
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Prompt to generate the facts from the chatGPT.

Prompt 1.

Write "Category" facts for YouTube shorts in Hindi under 500 characters
  • Example
Write "Cryptocurrency and Blockchain" facts for YouTube shorts in Hindi under 500 characters

Prompt 2

Write "Category"  facts for YouTube shorts in English under 500 characters
  • Example
Write "Cryptocurrency and Blockchain"  facts for YouTube shorts in English under 500 characters