Midjourney License: Commercial Use, Copyright & Terms Explained [September 2023]

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The Midjourney License is a comprehensive licensing framework designed to govern the commercial use, copyright, and terms of AI models.

It addresses critical aspects such as commercial use rights, license differentiation for free and paid users, copyright overview, and terms of service.

This article explores the Midjourney License, its purpose, how it works, examples of AI art created using Midjourney, limitations of commercial use, and the terms of service associated with it.

Midjourney License Commercial Use, Copyright & Terms Explained [JUNE 2023]
Midjourney License Commercial Use, Copyright & Terms Explained [JUNE 2023]

What is the Midjourney License?

The Midjourney License is a licensing framework developed to regulate the usage of AI models, specifically within the Midjourney ecosystem.

It provides guidelines and permissions for commercial use, allowing developers and businesses to leverage these AI models for revenue-generating activities. The license also addresses copyright protection and establishes terms and conditions that users must comply with.

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Commercial Use Rights for Midjourney Images

The Midjourney License grants commercial use rights for the AI models and images within the Midjourney ecosystem.

This means that developers and businesses can utilize these images to create products, services, or applications with the intention of generating revenue.

However, it is essential to adhere to the terms and conditions specified in the license agreement.

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Midjourney License for Free Users

Midjourney offers a licensing option for free users, allowing them to access and utilize the AI models and images within the defined scope of the license.

Free users must comply with the terms of service outlined by Midjourney and are subject to certain limitations and restrictions, which may vary from those imposed on paid memberships.

Midjourney License for Paid Memberships

Paid memberships in Midjourney provide additional benefits and privileges to users. These memberships typically offer enhanced access to a wider range of AI models, images, and features. Paid members are granted more extensive commercial use rights, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the license agreement for Midjourney’s paid memberships.

Midjourney Copyright Overview

Midjourney holds the copyright to the AI models and images within its ecosystem. This ensures that the intellectual property rights of Midjourney are protected, while still allowing users to utilize these resources within the permitted scope of the license. The copyright overview highlights the importance of respecting and acknowledging the original creators of the AI models and images.

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What is the Purpose of Midjourney?

The primary purpose of Midjourney is to provide a platform for users to access and utilize AI models and images for various creative and commercial endeavors.

It aims to democratize AI art and enable users, both free and paid, to leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance their creative projects or business ventures.

How Does Midjourney Work?

Midjourney operates as an AI-driven platform where users can explore, select, and utilize AI models and images.

Users can access the platform, either as free users or through paid memberships, and leverage the available resources to create AI art or integrate AI capabilities into their projects.

The platform provides a user-friendly interface and tools to facilitate the seamless integration of AI technology.

Examples of AI Art Created Using Midjourney

Midjourney has been instrumental in the creation of various AI art pieces across different domains. Artists, designers, and developers have used Midjourney’s AI models and images to generate unique and innovative works of art.

Examples include AI-generated paintings, digital illustrations, fashion designs, and music compositions, among others.

Limitations of Using Midjourney Commercially

While Midjourney grants commercial use rights, there are certain limitations that users must consider. These limitations may include usage restrictions, attribution requirements, and ethical guidelines.

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It is crucial to review and understand these limitations to ensure compliance and responsible use of the AI models and images within the Midjourney ecosystem.

Terms of Service for Midjourney

Midjourney’s terms of service outline the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of users accessing and utilizing the platform.

The terms of service cover various aspects, including the permitted use of AI models and images, copyright protection, attribution requirements, ethical guidelines, and any other specific conditions that users must adhere to when engaging with Midjourney.


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The Midjourney License provides a comprehensive framework for commercial use, copyright protection, and terms of service for AI models and images.

It enables developers and businesses to leverage AI technology for revenue-generating activities while respecting intellectual property rights and complying with the defined terms and conditions.

Understanding the Midjourney License, its purpose, limitations, and terms of service is essential for users to make the most of the platform and promote responsible and ethical use of AI in their creative and commercial endeavors.

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