"Zapping Invasive Invaders: Ghostbusters-Style Tech Wages War on Destructive Lanternflies!"

– Westchester County in New York is addressing the threat of spotted lanternflies, which pose a danger to over 70 species of trees, crops, and plants.

– The county is utilizing technology reminiscent of "Ghostbusters" proton packs to combat the invasive lanternflies.

– The lanternflies feed on tree sap, and Westchester County is using the proton pack-like devices to capture them.

– Juli Snooks of Westchester County Parks is leading this effort, comparing the device to the "Ghostbusters vacuum."

– The vacuum technology is efficient in reducing the lanternfly population, even though complete elimination is not achievable.

– Captured lanternflies cannot lay eggs, reproduce, or harm trees, resulting in a positive impact on the ecosystem.

– A significant number of lanternflies have infested Tibbetts Brook Park, emitting a distinct odor due to their waste byproduct.

– Originally from China, these pests have spread to 14 states in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the United States.

– Some members of Congress are urging the Department of Agriculture to prioritize research to prevent the lanternflies from devastating West Coast vineyards.

– Brian Eshenaur of Cornell University emphasizes the importance of protecting vineyards on Long Island and the West Coast.

– Despite challenges, Westchester County is committed to continuing its efforts to control the lanternfly population.