You need to talk to your kid about AI. Here are 6 things you should say.

As children return to school, the importance of discussing AI with them is emphasized 

– as AI technologies like ChatGPT become more prevalent.

– Schools are exploring ways to teach critical thinking through AI systems.

– Basic AI literacy is essential for everyone finishing high school, according to MIT experts.

MIT Technology Review offers six essential tips for providing an AI education to kids:

1. AI is not your friend: Children should be cautious about sharing personal information with AI chatbots like ChatGPT, as it can lead to data privacy issues.

2.  AI models are not replacements for search engines: Kids should critically evaluate information from AI models as they may present biased or unreliable data.

3. Teachers may accuse you of using AI: Teachers face challenges in detecting AI-generated assignments, so students should follow school AI policies and be prepared to explain their work.

4. Recommender systems are designed to get you hooked: Children should understand how recommendation algorithms work 

5. Use AI safely and responsibly: Educate children about the potential legal 

6. Don't miss out on what AI's good at: AI can be a valuable educational tool when used responsibly,