WhatsApp hacks to keep it secure - two settings you need to change IMMEDIATELY

– WhatsApp, a popular messaging service, has become a prime target for scammers looking to steal personal information.

– Users can take two important steps to enhance their WhatsApp security.

The first step is to enable a two-step verification system, which prompts for a PIN before associating a number with WhatsApp

– This provides extra protection if someone obtains the user's username and password.

The second step involves configuring privacy-related settings under the privacy tab on WhatsApp.

– Users can set up a screen lock, control who can see their profile and status, and enable or disable read receipts.

– WhatsApp also recommends keeping the profile picture private to prevent strangers from using it to deceive friends or contacts.

– One significant scam tactic is the "friend in need" scam, where hackers pretend to be close family members and ask for money due to a lost or stolen phone and wallet.

– By following these security measures, users can reduce the risk of falling victim to phishing attacks and protect their personal data on WhatsApp.