We just lost 3TB of data on a SanDisk Extreme SSD

Several SanDisk Extreme SSD models, including Extreme Pro, Extreme Portable, Extreme Pro Portable,

– and WD MyPassport SSD, have been reported to cause data loss for buyers.

– The issue persists even after a firmware fix was issued by SanDisk in late May to address similar problems.

– Data loss incidents involve significant amounts of data, creating concerns about the reliability of the drives for storing important files.

– The replacement drives sent by Western Digital (WD), the parent company of SanDisk, have also been reported to face similar data loss issues.

– Reddit discussions and reports suggest that the problem might not be isolated to a single case, indicating a potential widespread problem.

– The lack of acknowledgment and explanation from WD about the data loss issue has caused frustration among affected users.

– The affected drives might "unexpectedly disconnect from a computer" due to a "firmware issue," according to WD, though specifics are not provided.

– Despite data loss concerns, the affected SanDisk Extreme SSDs continue to be available for sale, including at discounted prices.

– Some Amazon reviews for the drives have raised suspicions of astroturfing, potentially misleading customers about the reliability of the drives.

– The Verge is seeking answers from WD regarding the persistence of the issue, plans for data recovery services, and proactive warnings to customers and retailers.

– The lack of immediate response from WD highlights the need for transparency and accountability in addressing the reported data loss problem.