Washington can’t stop Hollywood’s AI apocalypse, Justine Bateman say

– Justine Bateman, a renowned filmmaker, warns that artificial intelligence will revolutionize television and film, but it will come at the cost of the industry's artistic expression and experimentation.

– The fear of AI rendering writers and actors irrelevant has led to a strike by unionized writers and actors against studios and streamers.

– Bateman admits that she does not think anything she writes about AI can stop the technology's overwhelming impact on the industry.

She suggests that there should be a requirement to disclose the use of AI in films, similar to organic certification for produce

– and has created the "CREDO23" stamp for filmmakers who want to indicate they did not use generative AI.

– While she acknowledges that it may be too late to save Hollywood, she urges Washington to take action and address the potential consequences of AI in entertainment.

Justine Bateman, a filmmaker and former actress, predicts that artificial intelligence will personalize television and film

but it will also lead to the destruction of the creative spirit that has been the backbone of entertainment for the past century

She believes that Hollywood may be beyond saving, but Washington should still make an effort to address the impact of AI on the industry.