๐Ÿ”ฅ Voice-controlled AI copilots promise safer flights for the future.

โ€“ "Voice-first" technology is set to revolutionize our digital interactions.

โ€“ The Boeing 737 MAX crashes exposed the need for better cockpit communication.

โ€“ Voice technology can streamline pilot commands, making them faster and more accurate.

โ€“ AI can detect and alert pilots to issues, even during distractions.

โ€“ Military aviation and advanced fighter jets are embracing voice-enabled systems.

โ€“ Honeywell and Rockwell are designing voice interfaces for aviation.

โ€“ General aviation and urban air mobility will benefit from voice-controlled systems.

โ€“ The eVTOL market is set to grow, with voice controls for simplified operation.

โ€“ Eventually, voice assistants may take full control of flights, improving safety.