๐Ÿค– Vanderbilt scholars explore AI's role in combating hate speech.

โ€“ Vanderbilt University hosts a symposium discussing AI's potential to combat hate speech.

โ€“ AI can generate harmful, offensive, and disinformation-laden speech.

โ€“ Scholars aim to develop an AI model called 'frequilizer' to counter hate speech.

โ€“ 'Frequilizer' empowers users to combat racism through humor and counter speech.

โ€“ The model is designed for civil society groups to counter hate speech.

โ€“ It offers an alternative to asking big tech companies for content removal.

โ€“ The Future of Free Speech Project leads the initiative at Vanderbilt.

โ€“ The goal is to create a framework that brings good to the world.

โ€“ Scholars envision AI as a solution to address hate speech issues online.