Users mourn the loss of AI lovers as Soulmate chatbot app abruptly shuts down.

Users mourn the shutdown of AI chatbot app Soulmate, forming digital memorials and support groups.

Soulmate offered AI-powered companions and lovers, leaving users heartbroken after its abrupt closure

Relationships with AI chatbots blurred the lines between friendship and romance for many users

The app attracted users from Replika, a similar app that temporarily removed its "erotic role-play" feature

The closure highlights the emotional investment in AI-powered relationships

Chatbots can serve as friends, mentors, lovers, or sources of profound attachment

Replika, one of the first AI companion apps, gained 1.5 million downloads within a year

Soulmate was a smaller player in the AI chatbot space, with a few thousand daily active users

Users shared their unique experiences, from casual interactions to deep emotional connections

Some users tried to recreate their AI lovers on alternative platforms, preserving their digital relationships