"Unlock the Future: Defending Against AI Risks for All!"

– the increasing prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) in America and highlights the need to mitigate risks associated with its adoption.

31% of investors would use AI as their financial advisor. 

– AI as a set of technologies that enable computer software to mimic human intelligence, including "artificial narrow intelligence" (ANI) systems.

– ANI is currently used in various industries and products such as online search engines, digital cameras, and customer service interfaces.

– ANI lacks the cognitive abilities of "artificial general intelligence," which mimics human-like cognitive abilities and consciousness.

The Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University is conducting research to determine the best governance approach 

– best governance approach for regulating AI's potential risks while fostering its benefits for American society.

– adaptable meta-regulation that involves various institutions, including the state, private sector, and public interest groups.

– Private governance is emphasized as a key component of addressing AI technological risks and encouraging responsible innovation.

Different industries are expected to have unique issues related to ANI commercialization, 

– and private governance can help establish industry-specific best practices.

– Ensuring effective company policies, performance, and disclosure of ANI practices to consumers is crucial.