Unknown: Killer Robots Review

– review of the Netflix documentary "Unknown: Killer Robots," which explores the future of AI and military technology.

– The author expresses fear and apprehension about the advancements in AI and military tech, emphasizing the potential destructive power they possess.

– The documentary showcases various inventions, including headless robodogs and advanced drones, highlighting their capabilities and implications.

– The race for military supremacy through AI technology is discussed, mentioning the efforts of companies like Shield AI and countries like the US, Russia, and China.

– The concept of autonomous drones and their ability to perform dangerous tasks without risking human lives is explored, but the ethical concerns and risks of weaponization are also raised.

– stories of researchers who unintentionally created lethal molecules through AI modeling and emphasizes the need for responsible control over such technology.

– The dilemma of "the dual use problem" is discussed, referring to the potential for military inventions to be used for both beneficial and destructive purposes.

– The author questions the role of human intervention in kill decisions and expresses doubt about the belief that it will never change.

– The documentary is described as a challenging watch that alternates between showcasing the mesmerizing advancements and highlighting the less favorable aspects of AI and military technology.

– The author concludes with a sense of unease and states that the documentary has left them knowing more but feeling they were better off not knowing at all.