University of Minnesota researchers hope to limit heart issues related to breast cancer treatment using AI

Researchers at the University of Minnesota are trying to limit heart issues

that are sometimes a side effect of treating breast cancer with a little help from AI.

If a doctor determines someone has breast cancer, the next step is treatment

but certain kinds, like chemotherapy, can cause heart damage in some patients.

Rui Zhang, researcher at the University of Minnesota Medical School

says there's a gap in the data to explain who is most at risk for this side effect and why.

"Currently, there's limited study focused on the cardiovascular disease prediction within the cancer treatments, the patients," Zhang said.

Zhang and Assistant Computer Science Professor Ju Sun are working on leveraging artificial intelligence

leveraging artificial intelligence to help doctors more accurately predict heart issues in breast cancer patients.

"Complement, inform and augment doctors. That's what I think AI for health care can do," Sun said.