Top 10 Robotic Stories of June 2023 - The Robot Report

– SoftBank Group has entered into an agreement to acquire a 41.8% stake in robotics company Balyo for €11.8 million.

– IAM Robotics is focusing on person-to-goods (P2G) warehouse workflow with its new automated solution.

– ChatGPT technology has the potential to enable more natural interactions with robots, but it also presents technical and commercial challenges.

– Robotics investments in April 2023 reached $1.63 billion, bringing the total robotics funding for 2023 to approximately $3.3 billion.

– evoBOT, an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, completed successful tests at the Munich Airport.

– Tertill, a solar-powered weeding robot manufacturer, merged with Harvest Automation, known for its plant-moving HV100 robots.

– Tesla has plans to acquire wireless charging developer Wiferion to leverage their R&D team and capabilities.

– Karakuri, a food robotics startup specializing in assembling ready meals, announced its shutdown.

– Ukrainian company Efarm.Pro developed an unmanned solution for demining farm fields using automation technology.

– Researchers at the Technical University in Delft and EPFL used ChatGPT to assist in the development of a tomato-picking robot, as published in Nature Machine Intelligence.