thousands of TEP customers on southwest side

– A thunderstorm roared through Southern Arizona, causing a power outage for Tucson Electric Power (TEP) customers on the southwest side.

– Spokesman Joseph Barrios confirmed that most of the outages were due to the storm, and at one point, there were around 11,000 customers without service.

– Currently, approximately 4,000 TEP customers are still without power due to the storm.

– The National Weather Service issued warnings about the incoming storm, with gusts reaching up to 60 MPH.

– The TEP's website reported that 9,105 customers were affected by the power outages caused by the thunderstorm.

– The Pima County Sheriff's Department reported storm damage in the southern region, including downed power lines and poles, damage to homes, low power lines, and possible gas leaks.

– Deputies advised caution while driving, especially in areas with non-functioning traffic signals.

– Caleb Fernández is a digital content producer for KGUN 9 who reported on the situation.