there’s still life in Waymo deal for self-driving delivery van

Stellantis, the automaker that owns 14 brands including Chrysler, Jeep and Ram,

and autonomous vehicle technology company Waymo are not only still working together

the companies are deepening the partnership, CEO Carlos Tavares told TechCrunch in a recent interview.

This “deepened” partnership will focus on commercial self-driving Ram delivery vans,

a target that was first announced in 2020 and promptly faded from public view.

Discussions on this “improved” deal have focused, in part,

on a crux around driverless delivery: how does the package get from the vehicle to the customer?

“When you reach the destination, how do you take the parcel out of the van?” Tavares said

“This has been a point of discussion that doesn’t seem easy to solve

and we are now upgrading our collaboration deal with them to take that into consideration.”

“At the same time, we understand their needs and

there are a lot of things that we can do for them in terms of engineering,” he said,

adding it is too soon to share details.

“But I would say that the partnership with Waymo is getting deeper. And I think, more exciting.”