The Universe According To Coperni: Apple, Evian Water And AI Tech

โ€“ Coperni's $4.50 Evian glass bottle, a holiday collectible.

โ€“ Imaginary meeting of Copernicus and Evian founder depicted.

โ€“ Bottle features intertwined brand universes as astrological symbols.

โ€“ Clear roundel inside serves as a portal for a private experience.

โ€“ Smartphone hack turns the bottle into a space rocket illusion.

โ€“ Low-fi design contrasts with Coperni's high-tech fashion productions.

โ€“ Coperni debuted the Humane AI Pin on its September runway.

โ€“ Humane AI Pin co-founder Imran Chaudri previously worked at Apple.

โ€“ AI played a role in the design of the 'Wolf and the Lamb' collection.

โ€“ Coperni views AI as a significant revolution when used appropriately.