The Secret Behind AI Drive-Thrus? It’s Humans Doing the Work.

Presto, the self-acclaimed “leader in drive-thru voice automation”

wants artificial intelligence to take your order

The drive-thru AI company works with Carls Jr, Chili’s, and Del Taco

and it partially runs on ChatGPT

However, SEC filings from November reveal

reveal that Presto’s AI may not be capable of taking your burger order

and requires a human to help out with 70% of its orders.

Presto said its drive-thru technology, Presto Voice,

consistently takes over 95% of the orders without any human intervention back in August

Four months later, the company says its drive-thru tech

takes up to 95% of drive-thru orders without any restaurant staff intervention

That language changed because Presto uses off-site workers in the Philippines to take your order