The Potential of AI and the Challenge of the Imitation Barrier

– The explosion of investor interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is a significant trend in 2023.

– Companies' shareholders prioritize profits, making it essential for AI to demonstrate its ability to generate revenue.

– AI has the potential to transform businesses similar to the way the internet did, but it could also face challenges and end up like the Metaverse.

– The second-quarter earnings season provides an opportunity for companies to showcase how increased investment in AI technology has contributed to their profitability.

– Early signs indicate positive outcomes, with companies like Nvidia experiencing revenue growth due to high demand for their AI chips.

– Success stories like Nvidia and Tesla are used to argue that AI is a transformative technology, similar to the internet.

– However, there is a cautionary note regarding disruptive technologies that fail to boost profits and end up costing companies money, such as crypto or the Metaverse.

– Finding companies that can effectively monetize AI technology remains a challenge, according to Jordan Stuart, a portfolio manager for Federated Hermes.

– It is crucial for companies to demonstrate that AI can deliver profitability comparable to the impact of the internet, or else it may be considered a failed technology like the Metaverse.

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