The Observer view on how Hollywood’s strikes show that we can’t trust corporations with AI

– AI, particularly "generative AI," is considered foundational and has the potential to drive the next wave of digital innovation.

– While there is much talk about the potential "existential risk" of AI, the focus should also be on how corporations plan to exploit this technology.

– AI raises questions about intellectual property, productivity, job markets, and the uniqueness of human capabilities.

– The main concern is how to ensure AI is used for human flourishing rather than solely for corporate gain.

– The Hollywood strikes between studios and screenwriters/actors highlight the challenges posed by AI, with fears of AI-generated scripts and deepfakes affecting employment and earnings.

History shows that technological progress has primarily benefited those who own and control the technology

– except during periods when countervailing powers in democracies promoted using technology for social good.

– Governments, especially in the EU and the US, are taking steps to regulate AI through frameworks and policies, but they should not leave the implementation solely to corporations.