The Entertainment Industry Embraces Artificial Intelligence amid Strike

– The entertainment industry is currently facing strikes from the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA in protest of low streaming pay and increasing automation.

– Despite the strikes, the industry is actively incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into its production processes to cut costs and enhance efficiency.

– Netflix, Disney, Sony, Amazon Prime Video, and CBS are among the companies hiring AI experts, with positions offering high salaries ranging from $300,000 to $900,000.

– AI adoption in the industry predates the strikes, with Hollywood companies and streaming platforms expressing interest in enhancing AI capabilities.

– The industry is exploring AI's potential in content creation and design, with high demand for positions like AI prompt engineer and AI prompt animator.

– While embracing AI, the industry is also addressing ethical concerns and fair treatment of workers in AI-generated content, emphasizing responsible AI practices.

– The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers highlights the need for ethical AI practices in the industry.

– AI has been available to creatives for several years and has been used in tasks like creating AI-written commercials and enhancing visuals.

– Netflix alone has over a dozen active job offers for AI expertise, including roles such as technical director for AI research and development, machine learning scientist, and machine learning software engineer.

– Sony is focused on AI ethics and has recruited for positions like research scientist for AI ethics and AI ethics technical program manager.

– The entertainment industry aims to leverage AI technology to drive innovation, streamline processes, and create engaging content.