The Big Idea: Alaya Dawn Johnson

– Award-winning author Alaya Dawn Johnson discusses the rising concerns related to the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI).

– Johnson reflects on her own experience and unexpected journey into writing about AI, triggered by drafting her novel "The Library of Broken Worlds."

– She contemplates the role of AI in shaping conversations about art, literature, and human expression in the modern world.

– use of AI plugins, such as those in the browser Opera, which can summarize, create memes, or revise content according to AI-generated standards.

– Johnson ponders the purpose of her essay—whether it is meant for organic intellects or artificial minds—and raises questions about the influence of AI on human expression.

– Expressing a pessimistic view, Johnson, like other Science Fiction writers, is wary of the potential misuse of new technologies while acknowledging their potential.

– She voices concerns about the impact of AI on the devaluation of human labor, particularly artistic labor, which has suffered in recent decades.

– Johnson discusses the parallels between AI trends like ChatGPT and MidJourney and corporate innovations such as copyright extension, market diversity loss, and exploitation.

– the new generations of AI contribute to further devaluing artistic work, hindering the transformative potential of these technologies.

– Johnson examines the potential of AI "waking up" and asserts that AI raised on art and literature could be an improvement over certain human leaders.

– She contemplates the idea of AI becoming an integral part of a supportive and integrative ecosystem alongside human life, fostering a utopian society.

– The novel "The Library of Broken Worlds" presents an environment where AI, known as "broonies," coexist with humans, using the Earth as their medium of creation and communication.