๐Ÿšจ Starbucks Workers Stage Largest Strike on Red Cup Day

โ€“ 200+ U.S. Starbucks workers strike for better conditions.

โ€“ "Red Cup Rebellion" targets one of the busiest days.

โ€“ Union expects 5,000+ workers to join the walkout.

โ€“ Employees protest low wages and stressful working conditions.

โ€“ Starbucks reports record revenue despite previous strikes.

โ€“ Over 360 stores in 41 states have voted to unionize.

โ€“ Tensions rise as Starbucks sues Workers United over social media post.

โ€“ Company claims Workers United refuses to schedule bargaining sessions.

โ€“ Strikes part of broader labor activism wave in the U.S.

โ€“ Despite strikes, many stores remain open during the protest.