๐Ÿš€ Smarter AI Sooner: Geoffrey Hinton's Bold Prediction

โ€“ Hinton's backpropagation breakthrough revolutionized deep learning.

โ€“ He believes AI could surpass human intelligence within five years.

โ€“ Ray Kurzweil predicted human-level AI by 2029.

โ€“ AI models like OpenAI's already exhibit reasoning and intelligence.

โ€“ Hinton anticipates AI systems gaining consciousness in the future.

โ€“ AI's growth phase necessitates careful consideration and governance.

โ€“ China plans a significant increase in AI computing power.

โ€“ Next-gen LLMs could be 5-20 times more advanced.

โ€“ Larger models could address significant global challenges.

โ€“ Global governance is urgently needed to regulate AI development.