Slovakia's Election Frontrunner Wants to Cut Aid to Ukraine

Slovakia is a member of NATO and the European Union,

– and has been a staunch supporter of Ukraine since Russia's invasion in February.

However, trust in democracy is fading in Slovakia, and a recent poll found that only 42% of Slovaks believe

Fico has been exploiting this dissatisfaction, campaigning on a platform that includes reducing aid to Ukraine

– and increasing cooperation with Russia.

– Fico's party, Smer-SD, is currently leading in opinion polls, and is expected to win the upcoming election.

If Fico is elected, it could have a significant impact on Slovakia's foreign policy

– and could weaken its support for Ukraine.

Fico has a long history of close ties to Russia.

– In 2019, he was accused of accepting a €1 million bribe from a Russian oligarch.

– Fico has also been a vocal critic of the European Union, and has called for Slovakia to leave the bloc.