๐Ÿšจ Shocking Revelation: Israel's Deadly AI Strikes Unleashed!

โ€“ Israel deploys AI for air strikes in Gaza, raising concerns.

โ€“ Military AI prone to human errors, escalating civilian casualties.

โ€“ Algorithm named "Habsora" linked to extensive harm in Gaza.

โ€“ More than 15,500 Gazans and 75 Israeli troops dead in conflicts.

โ€“ Aerial targeting turns IDF into a "mass assassination factory."

โ€“ AI models, like "Habsora," widely adopted by leading militaries.

โ€“ Automation aims to accelerate and scale surveillance product analysis.

โ€“ Human fallibility encoded in AI, leading to similar mistakes.

โ€“ Previous examples of targeters, aided by AI, making significant errors.

โ€“ Israeli university president appointment sparks controversy and protests.