"Shocking Revelation: AI 'Disinformation Machine' Unveiled – The $400 Secret Exposed!"

– A developer named Nea Paw built an AI "disinformation machine" named "CounterCloud" in just two months, utilizing OpenAI technology.

– The project cost less than $400 per month to operate, highlighting the affordability and accessibility of AI-powered disinformation tools.

Nea Paw, an anonymous cybersecurity professional 

used ChatGPT and other AI tools to create convincing fake news articles and generate doubt about the accuracy of real news. 

The system employed a gatekeeper module to respond to relevant content 

– added audio clips of newsreaders, created fake journalist profiles, and generated fake comments to enhance authenticity.

– CounterCloud could autonomously produce convincing content 90% of the time, operating 24/7.

The creators haven't deployed the model on the internet 

fearing the consequences of spreading disinformation, but aim to educate the public about these systems.

– OpenAI CEO Sam Altman expressed concern about the persuasive power of AI-generated content in future elections.

– The Florida-based company, led by Erika Donalds, enrolls students in virtual schools using Meta Quest 2 headsets, combining VR sessions with online classes.

Optima Academy enrolled over 170 full-time students in Florida, with plans to expand to Arizona and parts of Michigan.