"Shocking Family Murder-Suicide: Unveiling Gruesome Details!"

Edison Lopez, believed to be the father, murdered his wife, Alexandra "Ola" Witek, and their two boys 

– Lucian (3 years old) and Calvin (1 year old), before taking his own life.

– The medical examiner confirmed that all four victims died from wounds sustained by a kitchen knife.

– Alexandra Witek, 40 years old, died from "sharp force injuries" to her neck and chest, while the boys died from "incise wounds."

– The deaths of the family members have been ruled as homicides.

– Edison Lopez, 41 years old, was the superintendent of the building where their bodies were found but had recently changed jobs.

– The motive behind the murders remains unclear.

– In a separate incident, Peter Navarro, a former Trump White House adviser, attempted to seize an anti-Trump sign during a press conference but failed.

– Ted Cruz, a Senator, expressed strong opposition to potential changes in alcohol consumption recommendations, particularly the suggestion of reducing the limit to two drinks per week.

– Cruz criticized the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and stated that he would not adhere to such limitations.

– Cruz's reaction to the proposed alcohol consumption changes garnered attention, with some calling his response exaggerated.