#GetTheMessage Campaign, Urging Apple to Adopt

โ€“ Samsung's video highlights the frustration of users with Apple's iMessage green and blue bubble system.

โ€“ Apple's iMessage features blue bubbles for Apple users and less functional green bubbles for Android users.

โ€“ The video showcases a Romeo and Juliet-style conversation between users kept apart by their messaging platforms.

โ€“ Apple may face pressure to open up its messaging service due to the EU's Digital Markets Act.

โ€“ The EU is investigating whether iMessage qualifies as a "core platform service" for interoperability.

โ€“ Samsung and Google advocate for RCS as a cross-platform messaging solution.

โ€“ RCS offers features similar to modern messaging apps, including iMessage.

โ€“ The two-class system is particularly frustrating in countries with a mix of iPhone and Android users.

โ€“ Samsung's support for Google's campaign highlights the ongoing competition in the messaging app arena.