🔥 Samantha Fox, 57, stuns with ultra-sexy performance at Chanteurs Masqués on November 12, 2023.

– Samantha Fox, '80s icon, heated up Chanteurs Masqués with her unforgettable performance.

– She performed her hit song "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)" to a thrilled audience.

– Even Véronic DiCaire was amazed by her iconic 1986 chart-topping hit.

– Stéphane Rousseau, one of the investigators, was pleasantly surprised by her presence.

– A nostalgic photo of Fox and Rousseau from the '80s resurfaced.

– Samantha Fox, who started as a model, electrified the audience with a sexy and popstar-worthy performance.

– Her 40-year career in show business is a testament to her lasting success.

– Fans can watch Samantha Fox's sensational performance below.