🚨 Robo-Calls and Texts Scam Alert!

– Americans lost $14 billion to robotexts and $34 billion to robocalls this year.

– Scammers are constantly refining tactics to steal money.

– Beware of fake winnings and travel deals.

– 78 billion robotexts and 31 billion robocalls reported in the first half of the year.

– Don't answer unrecognized numbers; let them go to voicemail.

– Update your contacts regularly and label scam numbers.

– Red flags: voicemail from unknown numbers, clicking on suspicious links, and unsolicited emails.

– The U.S. Federal Trade Commission warns against government impersonator scams.

– AI will increase deceptive pitches; be cautious with phone, email, and mail.

– Thieves use internet access and robo-dialer software to steal money.