Revolutionizing AI Regulation: Insights from the U.S. Military

The U.S. military entrusts powerful technology to young service members, offering valuable insights for AI regulation 

The military employs a three-pronged approach to mitigate risks in deploying advanced technology 

Qualifications, apprenticeships, and examinations are required for various tasks in the military to ensure safety 

Standard operating procedures and checklists help maintain consistent, safe behavior 

Unit qualifications emphasize teamwork, collective responsibility, and integrated functioning 

Delineating authorities based on task and seniority helps address special categories of risk 

Similar approaches are effective in sectors like healthcare, finance, and policing 

Implementing qualification regimes for AI can limit access to vetted and trained users 

Organizational qualifications add multi-layered oversight for high-performance AI systems 

The idea of qualification regimes presents opportunities 

and challenges for enhancing AI safety and accountability