Remembering our beloved colleague Elise Finch

– Elise Dione Finch Henriques, a dedicated and talented professional, passed away, leaving her colleagues and community in deep sorrow.

– She had been a part of the WCBS team for 16 years, starting as a weekend meteorologist and later becoming a regular on the morning news.

– Elise was highly regarded for her work and was actively involved in the community of Mount Vernon, her hometown.

– She was known for her exceptional reporting on major weather events and received multiple awards for her work.

– Elise was born in Mount Vernon, graduated from Mount Vernon High School, and earned degrees from Georgetown University and Syracuse University.

– Apart from her passion for meteorology, Elise had a deep love for the entertainment industry, especially the music world, and was a devoted fan of Janet Jackson.

– She was married to Graig Henriques, whom she met at CBS New York, and they had a daughter named Grace.

– Elise's sudden and unexpected death at the age of 51 has left her colleagues grappling to understand the cause.

– A celebration of life and a wake were held in her honor, attended by loved ones and colleagues.