๐Ÿค– "Remarkable" AI by DeepMind boosts robot performance by 50%.

โ€“ Overcomes need for specialized training models for each robot and task.

โ€“ Open-X Embodiment project uses diverse robot data for a generalized AI.

โ€“ Dataset includes 500+ skills and 150,000 tasks from 22 robot types.

โ€“ Models, RT-1-X and RT-2-X, based on transformer architecture.

โ€“ RT-1-X outperforms specialized models by 50% in various tasks.

โ€“ RT-1-X generalizes skills across different environments.

โ€“ RT-2-X is three times more successful on novel tasks.

โ€“ Future research may combine insights with RoboCat and explore dataset mixtures.

โ€“ Open X-Embodiment dataset and RT-1-X model open-sourced to accelerate robotics research.