Reka Unveils Yasa-1, a Multimodal AI Challenger to ChatGPT – See How It Work

– Reka, an AI startup founded by researchers from DeepMind, Google, Baidu, and Meta, introduces Yasa-1, a multimodal AI assistant.

– Yasa-1 can understand images, short videos, audio, and can be customized with private datasets for enterprise use.

– It supports 20 languages, provides context-based answers, processes long documents, and executes code.

– Yasa-1 competes with OpenAI's ChatGPT, which also gained multimodal capabilities.

– Yasa-1 development took under 6 months, with plans to address its limitations.

– Yasa-1 is available through APIs and docker containers for versatile deployment.

– It excels in providing high-level descriptions of multimedia content but has limitations in intricate details.

– Additional features include support for 20 languages, code execution, and real-time web content incorporation.

– Reka plans to expand Yasa-1's availability and improve its capabilities.