Records shed light on why K-9 cop was fired after siccing dog on trucker: Report

An Ohio K-9 officer, Ryan Speakman, was fired for allegedly lying to his superiors about sharing confidential information related to an incident

– where his police dog mauled a 23-year-old Black truck driver, Jadarrius Rose, who had surrendered with his hands up after a highway chase.

– The incident occurred on July 4, 2023, when state police troopers attempted to pull Rose over for a missing mudflap on his trailer.

– After the dog attack, Speakman was repeatedly crying at work and was upset about a local newspaper publishing the initial report of his involvement in the arrest.

– The review board concluded that the dog deployment was within policy and training guidelines.

The newly released records show Speakman was terminated for "unauthorized and inappropriate intentional release of confidential or protected information,"

disobeying orders from superiors not to discuss the incident with anyone other than investigators, and lying about whom he spoke to after the dog attack.

– In his body camera footage, Speakman can be heard giving warnings to Rose to drop to his knees before releasing the dog on him, resulting in Rose being bitten in the arm.

Prior to this incident, Speakman had been disciplined with a one-day suspension without pay for "horseplay,"

– where he snatched a fellow officer's gun from his holster and emptied it of bullets.

The firing of Speakman has led to a small protest by a BlackLives Matter group, calling for the police chief's resignation,

– the retirement of the dog that attacked Rose, dropping of charges against Rose, race sensitivity training for officers, and a 50% cut in the police department's budget.