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– the importance of prompt engineering in the context of generative AI.

the common tendency to focus solely on the immediate prompt without considering the desired format of the AI-generated response. 

– The "target-your-response" (TAYOR) technique is introduced as a means to enhance prompt effectiveness.

TAYOR involves specifying both the prompt query or problem 

– the desired output or response format within a single prompt.

– illustrate how this technique can save time, effort, and potentially reduce costs when using generative AI.

– It emphasizes that clear and thoughtful prompts are crucial for obtaining accurate and desirable AI-generated results.

– Emphasizing accuracy in the output.

– Requesting alternative viewpoints or arguments.

– Asking for beautification or enhanced writing in the response.

– Considering multiple aspects or elements in a single prompt.

– Encouraging the AI to think critically or analytically.