Prompt Engineering: Is It Still In Demand?

– The demand for prompt engineering jobs has stuck, but the role itself looks bigger and more different now.

Prompt engineering is less about engineering and more about the skill of using concise 

– and smart language to talk to a large language model (LLM) and get the desired result quickly.

– The output produced by an LLM chatbot is only as good as the prompt entered into it.

– The demand for prompt engineering jobs remains high, but there are telltale signs that it is overblown.

– Some experts question the relevance of prompt engineering as a separate career.

– A recent research paper showed that LLMs themselves are better at creating prompts than humans.

– Software engineers are still valuable because they can do more than just make prompts.

– Recruiters argue that the AI boom has only pushed the scope of what software engineers do and made them more valuable.

– Software engineering itself has become more cutting-edge because it has absorbed AI-specific skillsets like prompt engineering.

– Many job listings for prompt engineers exist in the market, especially in India.

– The demand for prompt engineering job roles remains robust but has evolved since the peak of AI hype a few months ago.