Biden mocked after stumbling over question on Chinese hacker

– President Biden made light-hearted remarks about being the AI and jokingly blaming AI for thinking he is Abe Lincoln.

– He then addressed the seriousness of AI's impact on society, emphasizing the need to address bias and discrimination in AI technology.

– When asked about the hacking of cabinet officials by China, Biden sidestepped the question and made a peculiar exit from the stage.

– Twitter users, including GOP communicator Paxton Harmon and editor Ari Hoffman, mocked Biden's handling of the situation.

– Several commentators, such as Derek Hunter and Ed Martin, made humorous and critical remarks about Biden's response.

– a hacking incident where a group with links to Beijing breached government email accounts, including that of the U.S. ambassador to China.

– The State Department responded to the incident, taking steps to secure systems and monitor further activity.

– controversial speech at the Trans Pride event in London, where a transgender activist incited violence against those critical of Trans ideology.

– Labour MP Clive Lewis acknowledged the anger caused by the activist's remarks but emphasized the need to reject violence in the debate.

President Biden's response to a question about Chinese hackers and the other about a controversial speech at the Trans Pride event

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