Pentagon looking to develop 'fleet' of AI drones, systems to combat China: report

– The Pentagon is responding to China's extensive investment in AI technology integrated with military systems.

– Kathleen Hicks, the deputy secretary of defense, emphasizes the need for urgency in developing AI-powered systems to compete with China.

The Pentagon plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on this project 

– aiming to deploy thousands of AI systems for land, air, and sea use within two years.

– China has been actively researching and developing AI for military purposes, making it a significant concern for the U.S.

Rep. Michael McCaul likens the competition over AI to the space race with Russia, 

– highlighting the importance of the U.S. winning to maintain global dominance.

– The U.S. faces challenges in exporting technology to China, especially for military purposes.

– The Pentagon believes that an AI fleet could play a crucial role in the overall struggle for AI dominance.

– Autonomous systems will focus on navigation and targeting, with computer vision as the primary technology.

– The U.S. aims to develop self-piloting ships, no-crew aircraft, and AI drones to work alongside human pilots during combat.

– Funding for the AI fleet project is a significant concern, with contractors questioning whether the allocated funds are sufficient.

– The Pentagon's budget request includes approximately $1.8 billion for AI research and development, but details about distribution among projects are limited.