Palantir's A.I. ambitions divide analysts. A bull and bear make their case

– Palantir Technologies has raised its annual revenue target, emphasizing its intention to commercialize AI.

CEO Alex Karp aims to monetize AI through the artificial intelligence platform (AIP),

– providing language models and AI for decision-making to businesses, defense, and military organizations.

– Dan Ives from Wedbush Securities is optimistic, considering Palantir a leading AI name, especially in terms of enterprise AI monetization.

– Wedbush sees an inflectionpoint in Palantir's AI endeavors, engaging with over 300 enterprises to deploy AIP.

– On the other hand, Rishi Jaluria from RBC Capital Markets holds a different view, asserting that Palantir is not a true generative AI company and lacks differentiation in the field.

– Jaluria criticizes Palantir's positioning and value proposition in the generative AI space, suggesting the company is not adding significant value in this aspect.

– He warns of a self-fulfilling prophecy risk where Palantir could attract new customers and business based on AI claims without substantial numbers.

– Jaluria highlights the potential for a dangerous short-term situation if Palantir's AI claims fail to materialize.

– While some analysts like Ives see Palantir as the gold standard in AI, others like Jaluria are cautious about the company's ability to lead in generative AI.