OpenAI Talent Exodus: Salesforce CEO's Bold Offer Sparks Unity Amid Controversy

โ€“ Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff offers OpenAI researchers cash and equity.

โ€“ Benioff aims to attract OpenAI talent for his Einstein AI team.

โ€“ He encourages researchers to send CVs directly to him.

โ€“ Altman emphasizes unity and commitment among OpenAI employees.

โ€“ Around 700 OpenAI employees threaten to join Microsoft.

โ€“ Benioff responds to OpenAI employees considering Microsoft, highlighting Slack use.

โ€“ Altman anticipates attempts to attract OpenAI talent, expresses excitement.

โ€“ OpenAI employees issue an open letter, demanding the current board's resignation.

โ€“ Microsoft CEO Nadella announces Altman and Brockman joining for AI research.

โ€“ Altman's message contrasts with the ongoing OpenAI controversy.