OpenAI partners with Scale to provide support

– OpenAI and Scale have joined forces to offer support for enterprises looking to fine-tune advanced AI models.

– Fine-tuning is available for GPT-3.5 Turbo and will also be extended to GPT-4 in the near future.

– Companies deploying AI in production require high performance, steerability, and customization, all of which fine-tuning facilitates.

Fine-tuning enables companies to customize OpenAI's advanced models 

– OpenAI's advanced models using their proprietary data, enhancing the usefulness of these models.

Data exchanged through the fine-tuning API remains the customer's property 

– and is not utilized by OpenAI or any other organization for training other models.

– Scale, known for securely leveraging data for AI, is partnering with OpenAI to provide fine-tuning expertise.

– Scale customers can now utilize their enterprise AI knowledge and Data Engine alongside OpenAI's fine-tuning capabilities.

– Scale's success in fine-tuning GPT-3.5 for Brex demonstrates their value to customers.

– The partnership aims to offer robust enterprise-grade functionality by combining fine-tuning with data enrichment and model evaluation.