OpenAI, Google, others pledge to watermark AI content for safety -White House

– OpenAI, Google, Meta Platforms, Anthropic, Inflection,, and Microsoft (an OpenAI partner) have voluntarily committed to making AI technology safer by adopting specific measures.

– The companies will implement watermarking on all AI-generated content, including text, images, audios, and videos, to allow users to identify the use of AI technology in creating the content.

– The watermark will be technically embedded in the content and is aimed at helping users identify deep-fake images or audios that may spread misinformation, create scams, or misrepresent individuals.

– The move comes as a win for the Biden administration, which seeks to regulate AI technology due to its increasing popularity and investments.

– The administration is also working on an executive order and bipartisan legislation concerning AI technology.

– U.S. Senate Majority Chuck Schumer has called for comprehensive legislation to ensure safeguards on artificial intelligence.

– Apart from watermarking, the companies have committed to protecting users' privacy as AI technology evolves and ensuring that it remains free of biases and discrimination against vulnerable groups.

– The companies also aim to develop AI solutions for scientific problems, including medical research and climate change mitigation.

The overall focus of this initiative is to promote the responsible use of AI technology, protect users, and enhance public trust in AI-generated content by making the technology more transparent and accountable.