OpenAI ChatGPT August Update Introduces Six New Feature

The OpenAI ChatGPT August Update brings significant improvements to the AI language model, enhancing user experience and interaction. Here are the key features introduced in this update:

File Upload: Users can now upload multiple files to ChatGPT, enabling the synthesis of insights from various datasets. This feature is accessible through the Code Interpreter Beta and supports in-depth data analysis.

Prompt Suggestion: The update offers suggested prompts to inspire creative and engaging conversations, making it easier to start a chat session and encourage more dynamic interactions.

Suggested Replies: To enhance conversation quality, Suggested Replies provide relevant options for follow-up discussions, enabling users to explore topics more deeply with a single click.

GPT-4 Default Model: OpenAI has upgraded GPT to GPT-4 as the default AI model for ChatGPT, providing improved performance and interaction. This ensures a smoother user experience and eliminates the need for users to switch between models.

Longer Follow-ups: ChatGPT now remembers and maintains the flow of conversation, allowing for improved back-and-forth interactions. This feature enhances user engagement and conversation continuity.

Longer Logged-In Duration: Users can now stay logged into ChatGPT for longer durations, extending convenience and accessibility.

Keyboard Shortcuts: New keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl + Shift + C for copying a block, have been introduced to enhance productivity and user accessibility.