Nvidia Unleashes Game-Changing H200 Chip: 2x Faster AI!

โ€“ H200 includes 141GB of next-gen "HBM3" memory for text, image, and prediction generation.

โ€“ Strong demand for Nvidia's AI GPUs driving a 170% sales surge this quarter.

โ€“ H100 chips used by OpenAI's GPT-4 cost $25,000 to $40,000 each.

โ€“ H200 expected to outperform H100 by generating output nearly twice as fast.

โ€“ Expected shipping date for H200 is in Q2 2024, competing with AMD's MI300X.

โ€“ H200 is compatible with H100, minimizing the need for server and software changes.

โ€“ Nvidia plans to release the B100 chip based on the Blackwell architecture in 2024.

โ€“ Nvidia accelerates chip release pattern due to high GPU demand.

โ€“ Rapid advancements in AI hardware continue with new architectures in development.