Non-tech companies are seeking AI talent and offering 6-figure salaries.

– Companies across industries are hiring talent to help them develop and use generative AI.

– JPMorgan Chase, Accenture, and Disney have been among the companies posting AI-related jobs.

Listings tend to offer base pay of more than $100,000

– with salaries going as high as $338,000.

AI developers, engineers, and consultants are seeing a lot of new job opportunities

even at companies outside the traditional tech world.

And the pay is very good, with many AI-related job postings listing salaries of well over $100,000.

Companies are on the hunt for job candidates whose knowledge of AI can help them use their in-house data more extensively

for instance, to make better predictions and decisions

said Aaron Sines, a director at the Austin-based tech-recruiting company Razoroo.