‘Mystery company’ buys nearly $1 billion of land near Air Force base

– "Flannery Associates" invested more than $800 million in almost 54,000 acres of land surrounding the Travis Air Force base since 2018.

– The land is zoned for agricultural use, but the purpose of the purchases remains unclear.

– Legal representation claims the group is controlled by U.S. citizens, with 97% of its capital coming from U.S.-based investors.

– Federal officials have been unable to confirm or deny the claim and are investigating the company.

– The Air Force's Foreign Investment Risk Review office is currently looking into the matter.

– Lawmakers are cautious about the possibility of the company having ties to foreign enemies due to the lack of transparency surrounding the purchases.

The acquisition of such a significant amount of land by a company with mysterious origins raises concerns

concerns about national security and foreign investments. As the investigation continues

A mysterious company named "Flannery Associates" has purchased over $800 million worth of land near a California Air Force base